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Seven Funniest Dogs in a Blanket

Seven Funniest Dogs in a Blanket

Pigs-in-a-Blanket are often hot dogs wrapped in a biscuit or croissant dough, baked and served as an appetizer… but not this time.

Here are 7 of the funniest dogs wrapped in blankets, ready for cuddles and a good night’s sleep. Thinking about it – they could probably go for some pigs in a blanket themselves.

When Netflix asks if you’re still watching…

“Pigs in a blanket… bacon…cheese...Zzz”

“This isn’t a joke Susan, I take my beauty sleep very seriously.”

“Is… uh… the pizza here yet?”

“Please turn the lights off, I’m so hungover”

“How do I look… pretty right?”

“Charlie … I haven’t heard that name in years.”

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