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5 Tricks to Get the Kids to Sleep This Christmas Eve

5 Tricks to Get the Kids to Sleep This Christmas Eve

It’s hard to get the kids to fall asleep on a normal night, but Christmas Eve? Forget about ittttt!

They know Santa Claus is coming to town, they’re excited about their gifts, there’s sweet treats everywhere – and a complete shift from their normal schedule can make it impossible for any kid to want to go to bed. But don’t worry, we got you! Here are five simple things to do to get those rascals to sleep: 

Tire them out

Exhaust them! Go on an outdoor adventure on December 24th like a family walk through the woods looking for reindeer, sledding, ice skating, or just build a snowman.

Stick to it

Follow their normal bedtime routine. Do the same calming routine on Christmas Eve and it will help prepare your little one for sleep. 

Don’t give your kids FOMO

If you’re rocking out to holiday tunes and watching Love Actually, your kids may think that they’re missing out on fun and crawl out of bed. Have a firm “lights out” rule for the house, which means you too!

Stuff em!

Get the perfect Christmas snack ready. Forget Santa, eat the cookies yourself! But an even better idea: a glass of warm milk with some cinnamon, whole-wheat toast with some almond butter on top, or some apple slices and cheese. Sweet nectar for sleep…

When all else fails, pull out the big guns: No sleep, no Santa! Which means no gifts... just watch how fast they’ll fall asleep. Thank us later! 😉 

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