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5 Trending Sleep Buzzwords You Need to Know

5 Trending Sleep Buzzwords You Need to Know

Some buzzwords can actually lead you to a better night’s sleep. Here are five trending sleep terms, from the world of shut-eye and pillow pop culture, you should know:

Clean Sleep

“Clean sleeping” is: no Ambien, no noise machine, just closing your eyes and going to sleep. It’s sleeping the way it was intended to be—no pills or gimmicks. It’s great to establish and set aside time where we’re getting adequate, and more-than-adequate, sleep.

Coffee Power-Napping

Timed correctly, drinking coffee or an espresso shot before napping can help you wake up boosted up.

The alertness boost of caffeine peaks about 30 minutes after it’s consumed; if you nap for 20 of those 30 minutes, you get an extra jolt around the time you wake up. 

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Blue Light Exposure

Even if you’ve dimmed the brightness of your screen, your phone will still be emitting light with a blueish hue. Blue light keeps you awake by suppressing the natural production of melatonin, the hormone we need to fall asleep.

The best solution – an old-timey paper book.


New apps and wearable sleep tech allow anyone to track their slumber habits in the comfort of their own bed. You’re in charge of how you track your sleep, and the tech choices are nearly endless.

These buzzwords - learn them, live them, breathe them, and be them because they can help improve your sleep.

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