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5 Relieving Ways Baby Boomers Can Get Better Sleep

5 Relieving Ways Baby Boomers Can Get Better Sleep

As the baby boomer generation grows into their 50s and 60s, and into retirement, many are finding a good night's sleep is hard to come by.

Baby boomers have a lot on their minds and it’s fairly so -  they have children, grand children, and even elderly parents to worry about. They also have physical ailments, such as sleep apnea, disrupted breathing, high blood pressure, and especially arthritis pain.

But no matter what your age – sleep is vital in resetting your brain and body for good health. Here are 5 sleep tips baby boomers can practice for improved sleep: 

As we age our sleep cycles change

We need to maintain a sleep schedule and routine. Try going to bed earlier, the goal should be the same number of hours every night, and developing bedtime rituals.

Have you considered meditation?

A study of 49 people aged 55 and older with moderate sleep problems, found that those who learned mindfulness meditation reported better quality sleep and less insomnia, depression, and fatigue.

Be more active

According to a study by Northwestern University, consistent aerobic exercise - such as dancing, golfing, swimming and running improves sleep quality and vitality in baby boomers.

Your medications can interrupt your sleep

Consult your physician - physical reasons, from medications - to snoring - to sleep apnea, can be causes of sleep problems that require medical treatment.

Consider the right mattress for arthritis pain

You need the right mattress to address your individual sleep needs for a good night’s rest. The most common causes in adults over 50 are a poor sleep environment, whether that be an unsupportive mattress or a mattress that sleeps hot. It’s important to sleep on a mattress that alleviates your aches and pains.

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