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5 Huge Mistakes You’re Making in Bed

5 Huge Mistakes You’re Making in Bed

It’s hard to care about anything once you fall asleep, right? Who cares if you slept on your stomach or spine…did your head rest on the pillow or on your arms last night? Sleep is sleep.

WRONG. It’s important to understand what it takes to get good sleep, and understand where you went wrong and how you messed up your sleep. Here are some of the biggest mistakes you make when snoozing off. 

What kind of mattress is that? 

You’re sleeping on the wrong mattress. An old mattress that has sagging foam and sinking coils is a major contributor to bad sleep. Maybe it’s time for a new one?

How many pillows ya got?

Pillows are commonly used for your head, but there are other parts of your body that need their share of support too. If you’re a back sleeper or side sleeper, use that piece of cushion between your knees to pamper your spine and legs.

If you fall flat on your stomach, then use the pillow under your pelvic area. You want to ensure healthy support, and restful sleep. 

You’re doing it all wrong on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is bad for your spine because its unsupportive, and for your digestive system that goes against its natural gravity to work up and absorb your food. 

Sleeping on your stomach can severely hamper your neck and shoulder tissues leaving you crammed and strained in the morning. Stop it.

Sleeping with your phone

Electronic screens emit a blue light that triggers your brain nerves and activates them rather that preparing them for sleep. Keep all electronic gadgets and light emitting equipment away from bed and out of reach.

It’s all about perfect timing

Millions of us stretch Monday nights on a Netflix movie thinking it to be an extension of the weekend. Then on Tuesday we vow to sleep on time, but we don't…and on Wednesday our biological clocks go for a toss perplexed to figure out the correct time to sleep.  Stick to a sleep schedule, you’ll thank us later.

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