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5 Health Benefits of Cuddling with Your Dog

5 Health Benefits of Cuddling with Your Dog

Sharing the bed with your pup usually isn’t recommended due to health concerns, and mainly because it’s disruptive to your sleep. But wait – there may be health benefits to letting your best friend share the bed.

A study published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that humans with a single dog in their bedroom maintained good sleep efficiency. Here’s how cuddling with your four-legged best friend is a win-win for you both:

You’ll have a sense of security

The Mayo Clinic study found that those who reported getting better sleep quality while co-bedding with their dog cited feeling secure while sleeping. Think about it, if someone climbs in your bedroom window, your dog is more likely to alert you than if they're banned from the bedroom.

You’ll both be cozy

Some people find that sleeping with their animal actually helps them feel cozy. One woman said her two small dogs warmed her bed. Another person felt her cat touching her during the night was comforting and soothing.

They relieve stress and anxiety

If you're an anxious sleeper, spooning your pup could help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. A dog's rhythmic breathing, when one lies next to you, can help lull you to sleep. In addition, being near a dog increases our flow of oxytocin, a hormone associated with affection and happiness.

You’ll both get more sleep

We don’t have to tell you that if your pup sleeps in the next room, they’ll get up earlier and annoy you until you pay attention to them. When humans and dogs sleep together, they’re more likely to snuggle longer and get a little extra shut eye.

They can help reduce nightmares, and other sleep disorders

If you suffer from nightmares or insomnia, your pup can help reduce some of your symptoms. One person reported that their dog roused them awake when their positive airways pressure machine for their sleep apnea slipped off during the night.

Additionally, dogs can help people who suffer from narcolepsy by alerting them before they have an episode.

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