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5 Funniest Sleepwalking Stories

5 Funniest Sleepwalking Stories

Often, sleepwalking is a random, harmless event – but sometimes it can make for some of the most hilarious stories you’ve ever heard.

Here are some of the funniest sleepwalking stories as told by users on Reddit.

1. “Funny story, my little sister sleepwalks & plays with my cat’s tail when he sleeps. My cat eventually started guarding his tail every time he sleeps & now it's just a routine for him. 😂😂”

2. “My roommate once found me standing in front of the fridge, freezer door open, gnawing on a frozen bagel. When he asked me what I was doing I told him to mind his [bleeping] business and go back to Peru… um, he’s not from Peru...”

3. “I had this old fan in a cabin my family was staying in. Every time it went around it made and ONNOXIOUS CLICKING NOISE. So awake me hates it, but asleep me hates it even more and proceeded to climb down from my bunk bed and stick my hand in the fan in an attempt to stop it. Asleep me goes back to bed after it doesn’t work and awake me wakes up with a huge bruise on her hand wondering what the [bleep] happened!”

4. “I was sleeping in a tent while camping and crawled over to the zipper door, unzipped it about 20% then re-zipped it. Then I proceeded to prop my sleeping bag against the wall of the tent. Spent about ten minutes doing it too. Then pulled it back down and slept on my stomach with my arms folded behind my back and shouted "I'M BATMAN". My stepdad is a very light sleeper and was watching the whole thing trying not to laugh.

5. My girlfriend is freaking me out by looking right at me, and talking nonsense! She's sleeping on the couch, so I try and wake her up to get her to bed. She looks right at me, and starts yelling about baked goods. Like, "BAKED GOODS: ARE THEY, OR ARE THEY NOT IN THE OVEN?" Also, telling me not to use her blood… I’m seriously thinking about breaking up with her. 😂

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