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4 Positive Effects of Not Sleeping with Your Phone

4 Positive Effects of Not Sleeping with Your Phone

*Wakes up…flings up sheets to try and find phone…it flies against the wall* … story of our lives, right?

According to research – using smartphones before bed harms sleep quality, hinders productivity the next day and is a major source of stress. So here are 5 positive effects from banning smartphones from the bedroom:

Regaining your technological independence

The first few mornings it’ll feel as if you’ve lost your keys or wallet. It will be unsettling to wake up not remembering your phone is in the other room – unable to catch up with the “world” when you wake up. Take this time to briefly meditate and mentally prepare yourself for the day.

You’ll be less on edge

Without notifications about urgent emails or social media updates, you’ll reduce the worry that generally runs in the back of your brain. You’ll eventually stop wondering about these notifications, leaving room for more meaningful and peaceful thoughts.

More sleep… who would have thought?

The quality of your sleep will vastly improve because you’re not checking your phone in the middle of the night, and even worse completely waking up to continue reading emails.

You’ll get up to an hour of more restorative sleep – and who knows you might get lucky and sleep entirely through the night. Imagine how good you’ll feel…

You’ll be an All Star at work

With more rest – there will be an uptick in productivity and a reduced number of errors. You’ll find yourself in a better mood, and getting along with coworkers better.

Smartphones play a huge role in work-life balance, and spending at least eight hours a day away from your phone (and essentially “work”) makes it easier to maintain a healthy balance, and a good state of mind.

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