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2018 NBA Draft Prospects Try the SleepOvation Mattress

2018 NBA Draft Prospects Try the SleepOvation Mattress

“Oh, this is comfy! Yeah, I want to take this one [#700inOne Mattress] with me.” said Donte DiVincenzo (Villanova).

Plenty of NBA players count on sleep to help their performance, including Lebron James – who claims his inability to sleep during the 2011 NBA Finals was detrimental to his performance… he averaged 17.8 ppg and Miami lost that series 4-2 to the Dallas Mavericks.

So, we had some of the top 2018 NBA Draft prospects, including Wendell Carter Jr. (Duke) and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Kentucky) try the 700 Tiny Mattresses in One.

The #700inOne mattress provides 700 pressure relief points for faster recovery, individual suspension system, ultimate comfort and pain free sleep. In fact, athletes experience a 43% recovery increase sleeping on the SleepOvation mattress in comparison to other mattresses.

For these NBA Draftees - sleep is a fundamental part of optimizing performance. Sleep good, feel good, play good! For an extra $50 off use promo-code: NBA2018

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