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10 Sleep Trivia Facts You Need To Know

10 Sleep Trivia Facts You Need To Know

Did you know, you burn more calories watching TV than you do sleeping?

Deciding whether to watch another episode of ‘The Office’ or go-to sleep just got so much more difficult. But we’ll let you worry about that later - here are 10 sleep trivia facts you need to know.

  1. People who get 6.5 – 7.5 hours of sleep a night tend to live the longest.
  2. Humans can’t keep their brain half-awake but ducks, dolphins, and a long list of other animals can.
  3. In fact, Dolphins can function for 15+ days by sleeping with half their brain at a time.
  4. In the 17th century, it was normal to sleep in two separate intervals with an hour or two apart. That’s right, there was a halftime for sleeping!
  5. “Social jet lag” can make a non-morning person feel like their working in the wrong time zone. If you’re ever running late – it’s worth trying this excuse, right?
  6. Since the Guinness World Records no longer recognizes sleep deprivation due to health risks – the record for the longest period without sleep for 11 days was set by Randy Gardner (1965).
  7. The World Health Organization classifies sleep loss due to working nights as an “IARC 2A carcinogen” that puts women at a higher risk of breast cancer.
  8. Studies show that people without 17-19 hours of sleep perform similarly to drunk drivers on the borderline of the safe alcohol limit.
  9. You strengthen memories made throughout your day while you sleep.
  10. Humans get less sleep, and less deep sleep around a full moon – even in windowless rooms. Trippy stuff, right?

Bonus fact: People who are sleep-deprived lose more hair. Click here for more information.

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