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#1 Thing to do When You Can’t Sleep

#1 Thing to do When You Can’t Sleep

If you’ve been frustrated with the quality of sleep you’ve gotten for three or more nights a week, for more than three months – you officially suffer from insomnia.

We know… most of the time you sleep “pretty well” – but if the details add up, then BINGO: you’ve got insomnia my friend. Don’t worry, we’re going to fix it together – here’s how:

Keep a Sleep Log

For the next couple of weeks, every morning jot these details down;

1. Time you started to get ready for bed.

2. Time you turned the lights out.

3. Time you (roughly) fell asleep.

4. How long it (roughly) took you to fall asleep.

5. Time you woke up.

6. How many hours of sleep you got.

7. Your total number of hours in bed, both sleep and awake.

8. Did you have alcohol or exercise prior to bed?

9. How did you sleep?

10. How did you feel when you woke up?

Your Results

Your notes will turn out to be very eye opening. You’ll see some nights you slept less than 7 hours, and other nights less than 6 hours.

You’ll notice your worst nights of sleep were the ones when you got ready for bed too late, laid awake in bed for far too long, or participated in an activity before bed that affected your sleep quality that night. You’ll especially want to pay attention to your wake-up times and how you felt waking up.

Sure, it’s all obvious – but seeing the facts on paper will put things into perspective so you can create an actionable plan.

Sleep Optimization

Keeping a regular sleep-wake circadian schedule optimizes sleep quality and helps other key body functions, like healthy weight and a positive mood.

Go to sleep, and wake up at the same time every day – as soon as you wake up expose yourself to daylight. After just one week, you’ll notice the improved impact on your sleep.

Continue to keep a log – and optimize your sleep habits. What worked? What didn’t? Your goal should be to consistently get 7-8 hours of sleep at night.

Then, you can thank us later. 😉

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