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Will Your Cat Judge you for having a Bunkie Board?

Will Your Cat Judge you for having a Bunkie Board?

Bunkie BoardBunky BoardBunkie-Board. Lots of different spellings, one valiant purpose: to maximize your comfort. And snuggles. And back support. And... ok, fine – lots of uses, too.  

So, what the heckaroonie is a bunkie board? Are they sweet? Is it editable? I wonder if you can surf it... Sounds cool. We love cool. But seriously, what is it?  Do you need a bunkie board? Where do you get one? Will your cat judge you for having a bunkie board?!!! 

Get cozy, because we’ve done the research for you. There’s a lot that goes into how to get a good night’s rest. Let’s break it down – here's everything you need to know about a bunkie board. 


The Basics of Bunkie Boards 

A bunkie board provides underneath support to a mattress. It’s placed above the slats that are attached to your bedframe. This extra layer of support keeps all 700 tiny mattresses where they should be – which keeps you unbelievably comfortable, happy, and well-rested.  

Bunkie boards are plywood or particleboard (often wrapped in fabric). These come in either the form of a single board, or several slats (similar to those you might find on your bed frame, but bunkie boards provide more support). They’re easy to move, easy to clean, easy to install – really, there’s no reason not to love a bunkie board. 

They are not edible. We do not know how they taste. What we do know is that if you love being comfortable and getting a good night’s sleep (isn’t that why you’re here?!), you’ll benefit from a bunkie board. 


Bunkie Board vs. Box Spring 

The function of a bunkie board isn’t unlike the purpose of a box spring. Why should you opt for a bunkie board over a box spring?  

Sturdier support without the height of a box spring means a more organized look, usable space under your bed, and less thinking about creative ways to move a box spring when your lease is up. 

The optimal frame for our mattress is a solid base bed frame. So, even if you’re using a box spring or slatted base, you’ll still need to put either a bunkie board or plywood over the bedframe slats or box spring to create a solid base. Keep yourself cozy. 

We want to keep you happy, and you want to keep your air channels pumping the sweetest air. It’s really a win-win.  


Should I Get A Bunkie Board? 

When it comes to choosing the right mattress for you, comfort is a priority. And trust us, we know comfort. Since each of our mattresses has 700 tiny mattresses in them, underneath support is key, especially if you want to feel totally and completely sweet. 

So, do you need a Bunkie board with our mattresses? The short answer is yes. The long answer is… also, yes. 

When you decide to invest in a high-quality mattress, it pays off, in the long run, to take care of it. That means providing your mattress with the same support it provides you. Play fair. Taking care of your mattress means it will last you a long time. Bunkie boards are worth the investment because they prolong the lifetime, usability, and comfort of your new SleepOvation mattress. 


Where Can I Buy A Bunkie Board? 

Since high-quality mattresses are on the rise, so is the need for a bunkie board. This means that it’s becoming easier to find bunkie boards online. 

There are also some creative, budget-friendly alternatives to buying a bunkie board. 

Fear not, newfound Bunkie Board Enthusiasts! If you’re crafty, on a budget (or both), you can make your own bunkie board alternative out of plywood. If you’d like to flex your Bunkie board building muscles, tune in for our next Just Cuddles Blog posting to read about how to make your own Bunkie board alternative. 


Will Your Cat Judge You for having a Bunkie Board?

No. 😁

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