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What are the Best Sounds to Fall Asleep to?

What are the Best Sounds to Fall Asleep to?

Can’t sleep? These Reddit users sound off on the best sounds to go to bed in minutes.

Here are the top recommendations for sounds to lull you into dreamland, by the good – and funny – people of Reddit.

1. “ – thread over everyone go back to what you were doing.”

2. “The breathing of someone you love, idk why but when my bf is sleeping it’s so peaceful.”

3. “A documentary about aliens in the History Channel.”

4. “The cries of your enemies.” 5. “Listen to my mother-in-law, she will put you to sleep!”

6. “The sound of silence… oh the irony.”

7. “That's highly subjective. I find absolutely NO sound is the best for ME to fall asleep to. I've heard from others that someone living next to a railway can't sleep unless they constantly hear the trains.”

8. “The Office”

9. “Listen to old episodes of Bob Ross’s painting shows… man can that guy put me to sleep.”

10. “Wooden wind chimes softly clacking in the breeze, as a distant thunderstorm rumbles in the night sky.”

Wow, some of those were pretty insightful – and others were down right hilarious. Try some of these sounds for a solid chunk of snooze time.

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