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“Tiny Mattress” Cures Sleep-Related Back Pain

“Tiny Mattress” Cures Sleep-Related Back Pain

SleepOvation coined the phrase “tiny mattress” to describe our innovative “Cushion Pocket Spring” (CPS) mattress technology – but what exactly is a “tiny mattress”? 

The “Tiny Mattress” is a single 8” inch pocketed coil spring topped with a sealed 3” inch high-density rectangular foam cushion.

Rather than trying to comfort sleepers with one big cushion – or a “regular mattress” – we combine approximately 700 of these “tiny mattresses” to create an independent suspension that offers an individual cushion for every inch of your body.

By providing the appropriate amount of vertebrae support, the 700 “tiny mattresses” help maintain a healthy spine and cure any sleep related back pain.

50% of Americans wake up with back pain – and it’s worth considering how many cases are linked to the quality of their mattress. Have you considered if your mattress gives you back pain?

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