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Weirdest Places I Like Napping

Weirdest Places I Like Napping

There are so many, we couldn’t decide so here are the 11 weirdest places these Reddit users have taken a nap.

1. My dirty clothes basket. naked.

I came home very drunk one night and whilst trying to take off my socks, I fell head first in to my dirty clothes basket. I think I may have struggled for a while, before deciding it would be better to just go with it and pass out.

I love how honest I can be on reddit...

2. On top of a lighthouse on an island in Lake Michigan in a windstorm.

3. I slept in a bouncy house once. It was NOT as comfortable as I thought it would be.

4. On my girlfriend’s roof with her, while her parents looked for us. Not nearly as cute as we thought it would be because it wasn’t even close to flat, and it got super cold, and it was a two story...

5. On the cement floor next to a particle accelerator.

6. A bus shelter in the middle of nowhere half way through a 6 hour walk to get McDonalds in time for breakfast, I may or may not have been drunk.

7. A rocking did not end well.

8. On an air hockey table, when it was on. Hottest night in my college dorm (no AC) required drastic measures. I slept through the night so as far as I know no one came down to the student lounge or bothered me.

9. Inside my dog's cage. That was probably the weirdest night I've ever experienced.

10. Standing up on the skytrain coming home from work. I was leaning into the corner of the wall with my knees locked when I just randomly passed out.

11. My couch... I don't get out much. 😂

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