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SleepOvation, Made in America

SleepOvation, Made in America

Thesethree words mean more than a shopping origin. They signify a commitment to the local economy,safety standards, and quality of a product.And ifyou (or your cat!) arewatching your carbon footprint, then buying productsmade in – and sourced from – America means less transportation for materials and deliveries.It’s also a way to make sure your product was made with fair labor standards – be a good human being! It alsoguaranteesthequalityof the product you’re spending yourhard-earnedmoneyon. Unrelated: Guess where all SleepOvation products are sourced from, and made in? #America.Yup, even thepillow foam. 

But ‘MadeInAmerica’ only gets you so far – it’salsoimportant to make sure all the components in the product were alsosourcedin America. Oftentimes companies can mislead consumers with the‘Made In’label, but really what they mean is that the product wasassembledin America. Do your research when making big purchases.This would be like youmaking your ownbunkieboardout of overseas materials and telling your cat you got the wood from your backyard. Not Cool. 

We know that shopping for a big purchase can be overwhelming, and we want to help our customers make an informed decision.  

All SleepOvation products and components are both sourced and made in America. We’re proponents of fair working conditions, supporting our local economy, and keeping products manufactured in the United States. 

Sleepovationtells it like it is. We’vegone to great lengths to ensure that our pillows and mattresses are not only “100% Made in the USA”, but also made of 100% American components that are built and sourced in the USA. It is very important to us that the origin of every component you’re sleeping on comes from a major USA supplier that has a proven track record has a domestic supply chain, and an unblemished record for providing reputable parts. AtSleepOvations, we’re all about consistencyandreliability.  

Every piece of our products is manufactured and assembled in the United States.This extends from our foam suppliers, to our fabric suppliers, and even down to our adhesive suppliers.Keeping our factories in the United Statesallows us to control our quality from the component level all the way up through our mattress/pillow assembly.There’s care in every step of comfort. 

SleepOvationsis committed to a transparent, close-to-home manufacturing process to ensure our customers feel comfortable making a big purchase. We value our customers and the community. 

Buying aSleepOvationsmattress or pillow means we’re committing –together – to a comfortable and locally-sourced night’s sleep. 

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