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Sweet Air Channels versus The Purple People Eater

Sweet Air Channels versus The Purple People Eater

If you find yourself mattress shopping these days, watch out for the ‘purple people eater’ also known as the Purple mattress.  People ask us all the time ‘how do 700 tiny mattresses compare to the Purple mattress,” well we are glad you’re asking. 

The Purple mattress consists of 3 layers, with the base and middle layer being basic foam, and a top layer of a polymer grid. Although the polymer grid is interesting, it simply doesn’t compare to the individual support offered in 700 tiny mattresses in One.However, if you are looking for some solace from a purple people eater, you might want to get near some Sweet Air Channels, and FAST!  Sweet Air Channels are like cool comforting bliss; cloud-like heaven that one can only experience when encountering 700 Tiny mattresses in One, the only mattress with sweet air channels and individual support. 

The SleepOvation mattress is known for its life-changing pain relief and the Sweet Air channels! Each SleepOvation mattress is made up of 700 individual cushions supported by an individual spring pocket. The SleepOvation mattress has a unique design that can go head to head with the purple mattress. The 700 Tiny mattresses in One offers individual support which gives customers a deep level of comfort while alleviating any aches and pains. OurSleepGuide Reviews the mattress as “700 different zones for pain relief at every square inch of your body. The exclusive style accommodates people of all shapes and sizes. This technology also encourages responsiveness for changing positions with ease.”  

Check out the full OurSleepGuide showdown for more details, and specs about both mattresses.

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