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Six Strange Sleep Tips You’d Never Think to Try

Six Strange Sleep Tips You’d Never Think to Try

Here are 6 strangely effective sleep tips you haven’t tried before – trust us, we’re sleep experts!

Ice box bedroom

A cold room — between 60 to 67 degrees — is best for sleep. When your body temperature drops, it signals to your brain that it’s time to slow down. You’ll want to use heavy blankets, not heat, to warm up once you’re in bed.

You want to time taking your Ambien just right

Just kidding! Melatonin can be a helpful sleep aid, depending how you use it. If you struggle falling asleep, take it three hours before your bed.

If you struggle staying asleep, take it right before bed. One to two milligrams is usually all you need. If you’re thinking five milligrams… what’re you crazy?

Don’t look into the light

Steer clear of using smartphones, laptops, or watching TV for at least 30 minutes before bed since blue light promotes wakefulness. But if you must, you can use “blue light-blocking glasses”. It’s okay, no one can judge you in the privacy of your bedroom. 

Quiet down, puppy dog

If you have pets, take their collars off and hide their toys at night. The sound of a jingling collar or rattling toy is enough to mess with your peaceful sleep.


Did you know insomniacs think about sleep 10x more a day than non-insomniacs? The more you stress in bed, the less sleep you’ll get.

Meditating is a good way to practice bringing ease to your mind.

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