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My Human is so Sweet Now on 700 tiny mattresses in One

My Human is so Sweet Now on 700 tiny mattresses in One

The Big Friendly Giant wants you to know that Andy Burris, his human, is enjoying the SleepOvation mattress they ordered.  It's been the greatest investment and BFG, the Big Friendly Giant, has been getting the best sleep of his life, and he says Andy has never been sweeter.  

Like most of our customers, BFG knew that he had to have the SleepOvation mattress, it was just a matter of convincing Andy to get on board. At first, Andy says, “I was intrigued and somewhat nervous about the purchase.” Of course, a good boy like BFG wouldn’t let that stop him from getting close to those Sweet Air channels.  

The best way to get a cranky human on board is to show them the facts, Andy says “I saw the unique advertising on Facebook, and I was captivated and started my research.”  

Andy took his time, conversing with our social media team about this investment, but once he got his answers it was an easy decision. Since investing in the SleepOvation mattress Andy says, “I’ve reduced my tossing and turning by 75%, and I feel way more rested and no lower back pain.” So not only is BFG the goodest boy who has helped Andy get the best sleep of his life but now Andy can’t stop raving about the SleepOvation mattress, “I tell everyone that mentions needing a mattress to look into SleepOvation because of its amazing feel and quality.”  

While Andy is loving his SleepOvation mattress BFG is making the most of his sweet air channels these days. You may have even seen BFG Biggie on the TV show Pit Bulls & Parolees in New Orleans on Animal Planet earlier this year. He's famous. 😉

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