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Morning Hacks To Wake Up In A Better Mood #NationalGetUpDay

Morning Hacks To Wake Up In A Better Mood #NationalGetUpDay

Naturally, the mood you’re in when you wake up has a lot to do with the way you sleep – but it especially correlates with your morning routine.

If you’re a night owl it’s no easy task becoming an early riser, but there are a few hacks to make waking up a happier experience.

Coffee, coffee, and coffee

The aroma of coffee can reduce the negative effects of stress related to sleep deprivation – try programming a capable coffee machine to start brewing coffee as you wake up.

“Just 5 more minutes” has got to stop

Snoozing your alarm can be detrimental to your overall mood by confusing the body in and out of sleep – making it difficult for you to wake up, grumps.

Stretch as soon as you wake up

This pumps blood throughout your body, releasing endorphins to reduce stress and propel you into a relaxed mood.

Good morning sunshine

Leave the shades half-opened, as the sun rises your body will respond to the natural light and begin to wake itself. Maybe even before your alarm clock…

Have flapjacks with your coffee

Eating a healthy breakfast can instantly wake and energize you. We all forget it’s the most important and most neglected meal of the day.

Other tricks you can try are meditation, exercise, listening to some of your favorite music, and especially preparing for the next morning the night before – so that you’re not rushing out for work.

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