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Monsters Under The Bed

Monsters Under The Bed

Monsters. They’re most likely under your bed. While this can be a convenient way to get rid of the extra crumbs you’ve produced from eating in bed (hey, monsters gotta eat, too!), they can keep you up, interrupt your bedtime rituals, and we’ve heard from an inside source they’re partial to the coziest mattresses available (that’s us). 

We know it’s scary, but let’s talk about the monsters that may or may not be hiding under your bed. 

At SleepOvation, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, and we don’t cut corners to get you there. We go above and beyond to ensure every customer gets the best sleep possible. And that means talking about topics that other mattress companies don’t touch – like monsters under your bed. 

Grab your fuzzy slippers, flashlights, and cozy blankets, because we’re about to tackle the scariest threat to a good night’s sleep. But don’t worry: read on for the tool every sleeper needs to fight these anti-snugglers. 


Who Is At Risk for Monsters Under The Bed? 

Do you have a bed? You’re at risk from these troublesome terrors.  

Think about it – 700 tiny mattresses in one does, in fact, put you at risk for up to 699 more monsters than you’d be facing with a regular mattress. 

You might also be asking yourself: if I build my own bunkie board, I may be at increased risk because of all the extra room I’ve saved under my bed by switching from a box spring. You’d be right. 

If you sleep on the floor (hey, we understand mattress shopping is a process!), you’re still not protected – there are tiny monsters, too, people! 

But these creepy, crawly, fuzzy, toothy, scary bedroom citizens have met their match: the SleepOvation Team’s dedication to knocking out threats to coziness, snuggling and tossing and turning. 


How Do I Protect Myself From Monsters Under The Bed? 

The first line of defense for any anti-monster militia is a nightlight. Hey – parents have been right on the money with this tool for millennia. Why do you think candles were first invented? 

Nightlights keep you safe in many ways – they protect you from stubbing your toe, tripping over your cat, or fear of the dark. But these unsung heroes are most popular for their ability to protect you and your family from monsters. 


How Do NightLights Protect Against Monsters? 

Monsters thrive in the dark. Depending on the type of monster you’re dealing with, this may be because they have sensitive eyes, shrivel up in the light, or they’re just ugly and feeling self-conscious about it (monsters have feelings, too). But monsters also use the dark to their advantage: the size of the monster is amplified by shadows, increasing their “BOO!” effect, and thus their reign of terror. 

Fortunately, nightlights protect against each one of these nighttime advantages monsters seek: a nightlight can make it hard for a monster to see well, which means coming out from under the bed is just too risky.  They don’t want to shrivel up. And talk about shadow-busting ability! 


Tips For Choosing A NightLight: 

Now that we’ve outlined the complex dynamics of monsters under your bed (particularly as applied to the SleepOvation mattress), it’s time to choose your weapon. 

Some nightlights are battery-powered, and some plug right into a wall outlet. Choosing this will primarily come down to the location of outlets in your room in relation to where you’d like your light source. If you have a plethora of reachable, visible outlets in your bedroom, live your dream and select an outlet nightlight. However if you live in an old apartment, or all of your outlets are full or blocked by furniture, opt for the battery-operated option. 

There are also many designs of nightlights that can help them blend into the surroundings – ones that look like a glowing moon, for example. Different colored hues can create a more delicate ambiance. Nightlights made for kids can feature their favorite cartoon characters or children’s book. Himalayan salt lamp nightlights can provide extra benefits for sleep, too.  

Whatever nightlight you choose, it will be a worthy opponent of monsters under the bed and sleepless nights.  

Go forth and snooze. 


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