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How To Sleep On Your Next Vacation

How To Sleep On Your Next Vacation

We’ve all heard the adage “I need a vacation from my vacation” before, but that’s about to change.

Any traveler can admit a vacation is exhausting, and this is because when we’re away from home our normal sleep patterns are disrupted. So, we’ve compiled some snooze inviting tips to help you sleep on vacation.

Sleep on the plane

Airlines have begun to launch innovative programs aimed to help passengers rest while in-flight, which include lie-flat seats, socks, pillows, blankets and much more.

Bring your own pillow

The truth is, any pillow other than your own will never feel as comfy as yours. You know it, we know it – save yourself the discomfort and bring yours along for the ride.

Bring other stuff from home

If you’re not interested in bringing your pillow, bringing at least one comfort item that reminds you of home can be effective in getting a great night’s sleep… a photo, blanket, anything?

Choose a restful room design

As for lodging – if you can, consider the mattresses, black-out drapes, TVs, bedroom mirrors, etc. The objective is to stay somewhere that provides similar comfort conditions you’re normally used to sleeping in.

Stay on local time if you can

When crossing time zones, we practice erratic sleep patterns because we’re tired and “it’s bedtime at home”. You’re better off staying awake and adjusting to the local time zone, even if it means multiple cups of coffee and exhaustion for one day.

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