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How One Sleep-Radio DJ puts Listeners to Sleep

How One Sleep-Radio DJ puts Listeners to Sleep

This guy’s DJ skills puts people to sleep, and for once – that’s a good thing… right?

John Watson, a New Zealand radio DJ, wants those who tune into his station to literally fall asleep – and they do. His listeners range from the US, Puerto Rico, Taiwan and many other countries across the world.

In fact, someone in Prague listened in for three straight days.

The idea of “Sleep Radio” dawned on Watson after he began suffering from chronic depression and insomnia. “I was lying awake watching the sun rise and feeling like a zombie,” said Watson.

His medical counsellor suggested he try relaxing, ambient music to help him sleep and to his dismay he realized the world was bleak for sleep music aficionados. Think about it – you’re listening to relaxing music on the radio, trying to sleep, when suddenly someone’s yelling at you to buy something you don’t need.

Watson knew he could do better – and he did by setting up a digital radio station, and using royalty-free ambient music. Ladies and gentlemen… “Sleep Radio” was born!

Now, he frequently receives appreciative emails from avid listeners that say it actually works, including one new-born baby that loves to listen in according to his mother.

Sleep Radio also has an app now complete with push notifications to remind people when it’s time to listen in – a bedtime alarm clock so to speak.

Better yet, there are ambient music producers lining up to have people fall asleep to their material – but no vocals, no piano, guitar or harp solos, and absolutely no ocean sounds or birdsong.

For John Watson and his Sleep Radio, business is booming and for us listeners – we’re snoozing!

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