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How Many Pillows is Too Many Pillows?

How Many Pillows is Too Many Pillows?

Good sleep is more than just proper sleeping positions, it’s also about good bedding and pillows. Here’s how many pillows you should have in bed, and what you should be doing with them.

Just one pillow for your neck, no more no less!

A single pillow is all you need to keep your neck aligned with your spine, and keep your airway wide open.

If your neck angles too much it will disrupt your sleep, and lead to a stiff neck or even block your airway. And a blocked airway can cause you to snore like an elephant in heat – gross!

If one isn’t enough – you’re wrong, you’re wrong, and you’re wrong. You will sleep awkwardly the moment you move, with more than one pillow beneath your neck.

For your ideal pillow you’ll have to factor in your sleeping position, body size, preferred firmness and any existing medical conditions. For example, a high-profile pillow is better for side sleepers yet awkward for back and stomach sleepers.

Fine, we’ll cut you some slack – here’s when you can use two or more pillows:

Side sleepers: one pillow underneath your head, and another between your knees to avoid the stress on your knees, hips, and lower back.

Stomach sleepers: one pillow under your head, and another beneath your pelvis to keep your spine in a better alignment and reduce the stress caused by this sleeping position.

Back sleepers: one pillow under your head, and the other underneath your knees to promote your spine’s natural curvature for reduced stress.

Agree to disagree?

The truth is, right or wrong if it takes you one pillow or nine to achieve restful sleep – do what works best for you!

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