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How to Instantly Fall Asleep like a World Class Soldier

How to Instantly Fall Asleep like a World Class Soldier

Here are three military-approved tactics used by soldiers and marines to fall asleep instantly.

1. Use a military-grade sleep mask

Did you know light and noise account for 30% of all sleep problems? Eye masks are much more effective at helping soldiers fall asleep instantly than ear plugs.

Today, sleep masks are included in kits sent to soldiers – designed to help them stay healthy and rested in military life.

2. Develop a Military-Grade routine

The military is very well known for it’s hyper-regimented schedule. A soldier wakes up early, and at the same time every morning – eliminating the possibility of oversleeping.

Soldier’s also workout first thing in the morning. Starting your day with a 2–5 mile run and a little strength training, curbs your appetite during the day – AND it burns 20% more body fat than working out at any other time during the day.

More so, they take ice cold showers before bed – a proven method to help you fall asleep faster. All in all, a highly structured military schedule reset soldiers’ body clocks — giving them the ability to “shut themselves off”.

3. Try these military breathing techniques

This technique combined with a sleep mask will knock you out in ten minutes.

  • Breathe in (count of 4)
  • Hold your breath and relax your muscles (count of 4)
  • Exhale slowly (count of 4)
  • Repeat 3x

Another popular method:

  • Inhaling (count of 4)
  • Holding (count of 7)
  • Loud exhaling (count of 8)

Try these techniques twice a day and gradually move up to 8x per day. This will eventually knock you out in 60 seconds.

Utilizing sleep masks, a daily routine, and breathing techniques will help your mind and body hone in – giving you the ability to fall asleep instantly.

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