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Does Summer Time Ruin Your Sleep?

Does Summer Time Ruin Your Sleep?

Summer’s here! And so are the biggest sleep traps that affect us this time of year. Here’s how to sleep like a baby through 99-degree weather.

Phew! It’s HOT

Heat is very stimulating, and can make you restless. Good thing for ACs - if the temperatures are high, make sure your room is significantly cooler than outside - something in the low 70s is optimal.

You can also take a shower to bring down your body temperature, and encourage sleepiness. A few other tricks to try are switching to lighter blankets and sheets – and closing the blinds to keep out heat.

All that extra daylight

Extra daylight during the day can make it harder to sleep at night – biologically speaking, because it makes you want to stay up later and disrupts your sleep all summer.

Tell those crazy kids to keep it down!

Summer nights call for much more human interaction, naturally because of the nice weather of course. If you’re using the curtains to block out light – it can also muffle outside sounds. Other options are earplugs or a white-noise machine.

Disney World or Virginia Beach?

Summer vacations will always ruin sleep patterns – you’re adjusting to new schedules, traveling between time zones – and then you’ll have to return to reality.

At the end of your trip, readjust your bedtimes to bring your sleep schedule within two hours of your normal routine.

Please, make the sneezing stop

Try using an air purifier and keeping the windows shut to keep your bedroom allergen-free. It also helps to shower and wash your hair before bed, which also induces sleepiness. Lastly, clean your sheets regularly to rid of dust mites.

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