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Common Sleep Myths You Need To Stop Doing

Common Sleep Myths You Need To Stop Doing

Does counting sheep really help you fight insomnia? No … no it doesn’t.

As fellow insomniacs, we know the struggle to sleep will make us believe almost anything for a decent snooze. In fact, sleep myths like these can often lead to even more sleep-loss:

Catching up on sleep during weekends

Exhausting yourself during the week and sleeping in on the weekends is linked with cognitive impairment, heart disease, weakened immune system and weight-gain.

You need 8 hours of sleep

According to the World Health Organization, the average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep per night but the reality is your sleep-needs are unique to you and your body, so give-or-take however many hours you feel you need.

Hitting the sack early is better for you

Going to bed before your body is ready will make your sleep even worse as it gives way for tossing, turning, and overthinking. It’s better to wait until you feel sleepy for a better night’s rest.

Waking up early is best for productivity

Your biological clock affects your sleep habits. Some individuals focus better at night than in the mornings – listen to your body and use your energy to focus when you are most alert and engaged.

Additionally, the myth that we swallow 8 spiders per year was created by columnist Lisa Holst, who wrote a fake article (1993) to prove just how gullible we really are. The fact is: sleep varies for everyone, so lay back, relax and try not to overthink it.

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