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Comfort that WOW WOW WOWS!

Comfort that WOW WOW WOWS!

First impressions are very important, and when Bill Watkins finally experienced his SleepOvation mattress for the first time all he could say was “WOW”. 

Bill Watkins is a customer who came to us looking for a better mattress experience. Once Bill found the SleepOvation mattress he says, “My opinion is…best mattress we’ve ever had. It replaced a Tempurpedic. What a difference! Soft but firm.” 

The SleepOvation mattress is a unique technology, that offers comfort at a fraction of the price of some of our competitors. The SleepOvation mattress is soft to the touch while providing support and firmness in all the necessary places.  This unmatched technology helps to provide you next-level comfort while improving your quality of sleep. It’s an experience unlike any other mattress on the market currently. 

Many customers seek out a new mattress for various reasons, Bill needed something for his shoulder and back pain. 

“I am a regular Bob & Brad fan so it’s obvious I have pain issues. My shoulders made me sleep on my back. Not a good idea.  It hurt my back to sleep on my back. Hurt my shoulders to sleep on my side. But now, with SleepOvation, I can sleep on my side or back. Fantastic. Now my quality of sleep is so improved. I don’t wake up all night long hurting. I wake up early for work, I wake up refreshed. Ready to hit the gym then a good day at work.” 

As always, we are excited to hear that another customer is getting the sleep quality they deserve from the SleepOvation mattress.  If you haven’t got your SleepOvation mattress yet, just trust us when we say you're missing out on the sweetest sleep you’ll ever get.  


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