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Cardi B Reactions to 700 tiny Mattresses

Cardi B Reactions to 700 tiny Mattresses

Cardi B –  she’s just a Regular, Degular, Shmegular girl from the Bronx. While we don’t know her personally, we can only guess that she also loves to be comfortable and pain-free while she sleeps.

The following article is based on a careful – albeit imaginary* –  compilation of her most notable reactions to different features of the SleepOvation mattress and pillow. From sweet air channels to pressure relief, to building your own bunkie board, Cardi has a reaction. 

Cardi B when she realizes just how many individual tiny mattresses make up one SleepOvation mattress: 


She’s not the only one that loves our stuff. Take a look at what other customers have to say. 

 Cardi B, do you snack in bed?

 Solid response. 

 SleepOvationCardiplease explain the state of your hair after using the SleepOvation removable/washable pillow cover as a pillowcase: 

Cardi B: 

We can relate.  

Cardi B building her own bunkie board: 

A little motivation goes a long way. Want to be like Cardi B and build your own bunkie board? Get started here. Don’t even know what the heck a bunkie board is? Go here. 

 How does Cardi B feel about pets sleeping in the bed? 


 Cardi, after completing your 100 night trial of the SleepOvation mattress, how long do you plan to keep using the mattress? 

Cardi B: 


 The music artist when she learns you have not yet purchased the SleepOvation mattress:

Well, there you have it – everyone loves SleepOvationEven pets. If you’re trying to stay cool with our sweet air channels, or you’re searching for relief from neck or back pain, the mattress provides.  

We want SleepOvation to be available to all sleepers. That’s why we provide flexible financing offers to suit any budget. For more questions about Schmoney, visit our Financing page. 😁

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