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8 Ways You’re Killing Your Sleep

8 Ways You’re Killing Your Sleep

You’re wearing the wrong pajamas.

By wearing the wrong pajamas, you sleep too hot or too cold. Try wearing silk pajamas, they keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

Your curtains are too thin.

Your eyes detect light even when your eyelids are closed – this will confuse your brain about whether it’s night or day. Use blackout blinds!

Your bedroom is messy.

Just stressing about the giant mess in your room can distract you from sleeping. Try cleaning up 4 things as you brush your teeth before bed.

Your sheets are too rough.

You’ll sleep cool and comfortable on sheets with 200-400 thread count made of natural materials like cotton or bamboo.

You don’t have a bedtime routine.

Use bedtime rituals like a warm bath and classical music to relax your body and prepare your mind for slumber.

You’re exercising too late.

Working out stimulates your mind and increases body temperature too much for you just to drift off into sleep. Unwind and relax with Yoga as an alternative.

You're sleeping on a layered foam mattress.

Layered foam mattresses can't provide support for a healthy sleeping posture, so you sleep uncomfortable. They also restrict airflow causing you to sleep hot and sweaty.

You’re eating fatty foods too late.

Consuming too many calories before bed disrupts your circadian rhythm – which tells your mind/body it’s time to sleep. Try a banana with almonds to help induce sleepiness.

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