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6 Tips for Better Sleep

6 Tips for Better Sleep

The Importance of good sleep cannot be underestimated, especially during the holidays and... oh yeah, the pandemic! Perfecting your sleep routine and following these simple tips will not only help improve your quality of sleep, but your quality of life too.  

Establish a Pre-Sleep Routine 

Set an alarm for when it’s time to start winding down for bed. Turn off all electronics and work distractions. Dim the lights and start getting in that sleepy-time mindset.  

Follow a Strict Bed-Time and Wake-up Time  

Figure out what time to go to sleep so you can wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Most adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep. Once you determine your optimal amount of sleep, make your bedtime and wake time consistent.  

Quiet Your Mind  

Does your mind seem to be its busiest the second you lay down to go to sleep? Of course! Try eliminating any stressors before getting into bed. Write out tomorrow’s to-do list. Plan you outfit for the next day. Keep a nightside journal for any random thoughtsEven try meditating before bed to simply clear your mind.  

Add Soothing Sounds to Your Sleep Space  

If you live alone, in a busy city, or even just a busy household, random noises can be a huge stressor to you falling asleep and staying asleep. Consider adding a soothing fan or white noise machine to your sleep space to drown out any distracting (or scary) noise.  

Limit What You Eat and Drink Before Bed 

Stay away from large meals and avoid caffeine or alcohol at night. If you can’t survive without a bedtime snack, pair tryptophan–containing foods and carbohydrates, like half a turkey sandwich, granola with low–fat yogurt, or a banana.  

Evaluate Your Current Mattress   

Is your mattress getting old? Are you waking up in pain? Investing in a quality comfortable mattress arguably the most important sleep tip of them all. Research has shown that a new mattress can increase the amount of sleep you get by 42 minutes. The SleepOvation mattress is the top choice for its individual support system and “tiny mattress” technology. Plus, perks like free shipping straight to your door, free returns and a 100-night sleep trial. What are you waiting for?



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