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5 Scientific Ways To Fall Asleep Faster

5 Scientific Ways To Fall Asleep Faster

Your sleep habits and bedroom environment are two things that can influence how fast you fall asleep at night.

Naturally, its worth considering what we’re doing wrong in these two categories when we struggle to fall asleep.

It’s proven theory that if we change some circumstances within our sleeping environments and lifestyles, it’ll be much easier to doze off. So here are 5 scientific ways to fall asleep faster:

Choose the right pillows

Consider using two pillows - one that will keep your neck/spine in a straight line and another to place in between your knees to keep the hips in a neutral position.

Stick to the plan

Our sleep cycle is controlled by an internal clock in the brain, called suprachiasmatic nucleus. Following a strict bedtime schedule is crucial to falling asleep faster, and restful sleep.

Don’t let it be ya own mattress

There is a scientific correlation between sleep quality and mattress support – consider switching to a new a mattress if yours is worn out, saggy and a pain.

Skip the late-afternoon coffee or ‘drink’

Avoid caffeine and alcohol in the afternoon – since your body doesn’t have enough time to process these chemicals, you’ll struggle to fall and stay asleep.

What’re you wearing?

Wearing the right sleepwear, or nothing at all, regulates your body temperature to help you drift off faster.

Practice these habits to prove their benefits and enhance your sleep. Healthy adults take 10-20 minutes to transition from being awake into sleep – so aim for that!

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