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5 of the Best April Fool’s Sleeping Pranks

5 of the Best April Fool’s Sleeping Pranks

If you're looking for good pranks to play on friends while they sleep, here are 5 pranks sure to make them cranky!

Vacuum wakeup call...

This prank, although cruel, is a great laugh – this is when you vacuum a sleeper’s lips with a vacuum hose. Their eyes pop open wide as they abruptly wake up with the look of terror on their faces.

What’s that on your face?

This is an oldie but goodie – permanent maker is very difficult to remove and takes several days to fade off someone’s face. You have creative freedom… and there’s nothing more hilarious than seeing your friend all PO’ed with a doodle on their face.

Where is that alarm coming from?

Take several alarm clocks and set them to go off 20 minutes apart starting at 3am. Hide one under the bed, another under the dresser, and tape another to the wall behind the curtain. What a nightmare…

Wake up, you’re late!

You’ll need to set every clock 1 hour ahead of time - watches, the wall-clock, the computer clock, alarm clock, and even the car radio clock. The fool will most likely wake up an hour earlier and even get to work an hour earlier. If they don’t use an alarm clock, they’ll think they’re an hour late! Picture it now… that morning franticness.

The floor is lava…

Get a lot of paper cups, enough to fill the floor space in the bedroom. Pre-staple them into groups of 4, lay the cups out, and fill them up with water. Repeat this until the entire floor is covered with paper cups. Wish the sleeper good luck!

Whichever sleep prank you decide to pull this April Fool’s Day – commit! Don’t stop the person from leaving an hour early for work, don’t use a white board marker instead of permanent. Show no mercy…

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