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10 of the Best Shows for Netflix and Snooze

10 of the Best Shows for Netflix and Snooze

If you're thinking of The Office, and Friends – you’re right they’re on this list but not all shows have to be entertaining and fun to help you catch some Zzz’s.

Here are some of the best shows to fall asleep to, as told by users on Reddit:

1. Forensic Files. Even though they are talking about murder, the narrator's voice has an odd calming effect on me.

2. Planet Earth – I can never finish an episode without falling asleep and having to rewatch the last 15 minutes.

3. Bob Ross. The brush strokes. Bob Ross' voice. Mixing paint. Everything about this will slowly eases me into the realm of sleep.

4. Jessica Jones – if you thought this was an action series, you’re wrong.  Forget about sleep. It’ll bore you to death.

5. How It's Made is what you're looking for… you think you want to know, but you don’t.

6. Friends. Every night. I've seen every episode 20+ times, so I don't need to watch it. I can just listen close my eyes and fall asleep. Also, it's a very light hearted and comforting show.

7. I’ve watched then entire series of The Office 14 times. I’m not proud of it but there’s nothing quite like cuddling up to the hilarious dynamic that is Dwight and Jim pranking each other.

8. I also enjoy TV when I fall asleep. I usually put on things Ive seen before so it doesn't exactly hold my interest, but comforting to know it’s on. Sometimes it’s a movie. I suddenly realized what experience I've been missing all these years – Princess Mononoke to fall asleep to!

9. Law & Order type shows. Stuff I don't care about with tons of episodes.

10. I passed out around 6am on New Years watching Arrested Development. Not sure if that says the best thing about season 4 though...

Thank you for the awesome and hilarious recommendations, internet friends.

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